Therapy for Complex PTSD


Healing Complex PTSD

Acknowledging the profound impact of complex trauma, my practice is dedicated to offering trauma informed therapy and evidence-based treatment in Orlando, Winter Park, and the surrounding areas. Complex PTSD (C-PTSD) develops from enduring long-term trauma, often starting in the crucial years of childhood. This can happen in environments where abuse, neglect, and the disregard of emotional and physical needs lead to the building of psychological barriers. Unlike PTSD, which is usually the result of a single event, CPTSD comes from ongoing traumatic situations that overwhelm a child's ability to cope, ranging from constant neglect to living in a turbulent home.

Childhood abuse and emotional neglect, domestic violence, and ongoing social difficulties (bullying) are just a few more examples of CPTSD.

7 Symptoms of C-PTSD:

1. Intrusive Memories

2. Emotional Dysregulation

3. Avoidance Symptoms

4. Dissociation

5. Interpersonal Problems

6. Cognitive Distortions

7. Health Problems

Therapy for Complex PTSD (CPTSD) is not just about managing symptoms—it's about starting on a path towards healing and reclaiming your life. 


If you notice CPTSD symptoms are starting to really bother you or if they are interfering with important areas of your life, such as work, relationships, school, physical health, and finances, it's time to reach out. Read on to learn more about how therapy for complex trauma can help.Bench

How therapy for Complex PTSD can help

    Find Safety Within Yourself and in Relationships

    Complex trauma therapy helps you establish a sense of safety both internally and in your relationships. By understanding attachment wounds and utilizing the polyvagal theory, therapy guides you in moving beyond the fight, flight, or freeze responses. This process fosters a secure environment within yourself, enabling you to build healthier, trust-filled relationships.

    Reclaim Your Identity and Empowered Self-Discovery

    Therapy offers a path to reclaim your identity, often obscured by the overwhelming nature of CPTSD symptoms. Through empowered self-discovery, you learn to separate your true self from your trauma responses, embracing who you are beyond your experiences. This journey of self-discovery is crucial for healing and reclaiming the narrative of your life.

    Regulate Your Moods and Emotions

    Regulating moods and emotions is a significant challenge for those with CPTSD. Therapy introduces strategies rooted in understanding the body's response to trauma, specifically through the lens of polyvagal theory. By recognizing your body's signals and learning to manage them, you can achieve a more balanced emotional state.

     Develop Self-Compassion

    Developing self-compassion is essential in healing from complex trauma. Therapy helps you recognize and address the critical inner voice that may have been intensified by trauma. Learning to treat yourself with kindness and understanding is a vital step towards healing and fosters a healthier relationship with yourself.

    Feel Connected to Your Body

    Complex trauma often leads to disconnection from the body, as fight, flight, or freeze responses can make you feel detached from physical sensations. Therapy encourages reconnection with your body, helping you understand and listen to its needs and signals. Feeling connected to your body is crucial for comprehensive healing from CPTSD, allowing for a more integrated sense of self.

    Reach out today to start your journey towards clarity, confidence, and calm.

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    Approach to Healing and Growth

    Acknowledging the profound impact of these experiences, my practice is dedicated to facilitating healing from complex ptsd and focusing on post-traumatic growth from CPTSD. This approach is built on :

    • Resilience-Focused Therapy
      • Your path to healing is as unique as your experiences. I tailor our therapy sessions to not only confront the underlying factors, but to foster resilience and post-traumatic growth, focusing on transforming adversity into strength.
    • Safe and Empowering Connection
      • At the core of our therapeutic relationships is a foundation of trust and openness. I provide a secure environment where you are seen, heard, and empowered to heal and grow.
    • Education and Knowledge
      • Knowledge paves the way for empowerment and growth. One of my main goals is to demystify the complexities of CPTSD, highlighting the journey from trauma to resilience, and equip you with the understanding and tools necessary to navigate your challenges.
    • Continuous Support and Growth
      • Healing and growth are continuous processes. Beyond our therapy sessions, I offer ongoing support to seamlessly integrate your journey of recovery and resilience into your daily life.